About me

I am Joseph Tinil Payyapilly.  Working as a Senior SEO Analyst, SEO and Web consultant and Online Marketing Manager at Sulekha in Chennai, India. I am having more than 3 years experience in Online marketing and SEO  and working in several industries.

Creating a website and bring traffic has been my long cherished dream and it came true through this blog,and from the day one I have been experimenting how get traffic and how to bring keyword up .It has taught me to know the basic elements of search engine optimization and its subtle nuances that has immensely helped me in my career.
This site contains more than 300 songs that have been all time favorites among many people.
I have created this blog only for study purpose, To know more about SEO(Search engine optimization) and its concept. 
 Contact me  : joseph.scorpiotech@gmail.com


  1. ithil download cheyyan valla vayiyumnundoo

  2. right click on the link --->then click "save as" done !

  3. Hi can u add kshanakathu 1990 song

  4. Awesome place to get the songs.. Thx for sharing

  5. download cheyyan patyunnillallo machane...


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