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Thappana Malayalam mp3 download|Thappaana malayalam movie songs

Thappana Malayalam mp3 Songs download

Thappana movie is Mammootty plays ‘Monayi’. Both the characters played by Mammootty and Charmi are released from jail in the same day and Mammootty befriend Charmi. Although she tries to avoid him at first, later she tells him her story. The movie revolves around the life of the character played by Charmi and how Monayi rescues her from all the troubles with his cunningness.

Manivaaga Pootha                  
Oorum Perum Parayathe                  
Padakkirangiya Thaapaana

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Gajapokkiri Malayalam Mp3 Download|Gajapokkiri Malayalam Mp3 Movie Songs

Gajapokkiri Malayalam Mp3 Movie Songs Download

Gajapokkiri begins with a scene during which Bittu (Sonu Sood) progressing to rob Rs 1500 Crores from a bank. Ravindra Narayan (Allu Arjun) referred to as as Ravi believes in earning fast cash instead of tireless like his father Narayan. He gets in to a dispute along with his father and sets out from his home. On the manner he met Bittu. Later Ravi came to grasp that Bittu goes to rob the bank. Bittu with success robs the bank and gave the money to his brother Laala to cover in an exceedingly town selling yard. however police follow Laala and in an exceedingly fight Laala was killed b Ravi and Bittu was in remission by police for theft. once Bittu cames out of jail, he wish to require revenge on Ravi for killing Laala.

Ravi was send to Hyderabad from his place below witness protection program and makes him to remain with a coward policeman 'Sitaram'(Rajendra prasad). in the future Ravi meets Madhu(Ileana), a socio-economic class lady operating with a agent 'Travel' Murthy, World Health Organization is associate degree associate of Bittu. Ravi and Madhu falls enamored with one another. Bittu takes revenge on Ravi by targeting his family.During now Ravi's father got shot and Bittu snatch Ravi's sister. Ravi finds out wherever the money is and returns to the bank. Later Bittu is confronted by Ravi and Sitaram and a fight arises between Bittu and Ravi. Sitaram shots bittu once Bittu tries to shot Ravi. Ravi finds his sister and returns to his place. The film ends with Sitaram remodeling into a troublesome police and Ravi becomes a tireless man.

Number of tracks available : 6

  1. Ninte Veednu               
  2. Ey Chekanu             
  3. Malo Malo             
  4. Pakado Pakado                   
  5. Oru Nattu Pokkiri           
  6. Osay Osay

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Ithra Mathram Malayalam Mp3 Download | Ithra Mathram Malayalam Songs

Ithra Mathram Malayalam Mp3 Download Songs

Total of four tracks :


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Eecha Malayalam MP3 Download Songs

Eecha Malayalam MP3 Download Songs

Album: Eacha [Year 2012]
Artist: Malayalam Movie Songs
Language: Malayalam Music
Number of Tracks: 5

Rajamouli.S.S is one amongst the foremost intelligent director in Telugu, comes up with another very good film once Magadhera (Dheera), here too he given a lot of import ants to the lighting tricks and therefore the theme.

The film starts with a decent romance, but once hero dies, we would surprise wherever this story goes. but then comes the important super hero Eecha. Eecha is that the regenerate of our earlier hero, and it remembers its previous birth and therefore the dangerous incident happened to him and his lover. Here the Eacha decides to require revenge on the Villian. and the way it issue forms the remainder of the story.

As seen within the last number of dubbed film, Dheera, Arya, Arundhathi, here too the team had taken soundtrack terribly rigorously. coming back to the technical half the story and therefore the playscript does’t have any new story after we here initial, Romance and Revenge. but introducing Eacha because the hero director Rajamouli brings ton of imagination into the story, and adding to it the picture taking, lighting tricks and written material too helped the move success. Film stars Nani and Samatha within the lead, and Sudeep as opposed hero.

No doubt this film is gonna be a blockbuster in Telugu. but i actually doubt the temporal arrangement of the movie’s unleash in Kerala. as a result of 2 recent South Dravidian releases Thattathin Marayathu and Ustad building square measure ruling the theaters.

Ada Ada                  
Konjam Konjam                  
Laava Laava                  
Eacha Eacha                  
Eacha Eacha (Remix)

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