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Friday Malayalam Mp3 download

Friday Malayalam Mp3 download

Friday is a new Malayalam drama thriller movie directed by Lijin Jose and heros as Fahadh Faasil, Ann Augustine and Manu. The Hero does the role of an auto rickshaw driver. The supporting cast includes Nedumudi Venu, Vijayaraghavan and Tini Tom. Produced by Thomas Joseph Pattathanam under the banner of Innovative Film Concepts, the film is set and shot completely in Alappuzha. It released on 18 August 2012 to positive critical reviews.Carrying a tag of One Day... Many Stories, the film has a multi narrative aspect and is woven in the format of a hyperlink cinema.

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Manjadi Penne Vaadi                  
Sugandha Neerala

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Husbands In Goa Malayalam Mp3 Download | Songs Download

Husbands In Goa Malayalam Mp3 Download

A stroy of 3 husbands who goes to Goa fro a trip, to take a break from their messy married lives with their conspicuous  or dominating wives . Through Out the trip, they meet a husband who is on the verge of a divorce, in which becomes a turning point in their life. The story get more interesting when their dominating wives join them in Goa and from then on, it is a Tom and Jerry game. A must watch movie

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Husbands In Goa                    
Neela Neela                    

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My Boss Malayalam Mp3 Download

My Boss Malayalam Mp3 Download

Young director Jithu Joseph who is fresh from his hit flick 'Mummy and Me' had titled his new movie as ' My Boss'. Featuring Dileep and Mamtha in key roles, the movie will tell an interesting plot in the backdrop of I T industry.Dileep will appear as an young software engineer working in Mumbai while Mamtha will appear as his boss in the movie.Basically a different love story in the scripts of the director, the movie will be produced by East Coast Vijyayan in the banner of East Coast Communications.Salimkumar, Saikumar, Lena, SureshKrishna and Valsala Menon are also part of the cast of this movie which will be shot at Mumbai and various locales in kerala. Cinematographed by Anil Nair, the movie will have music by Sejo. The same pair of Dileep and Mamtha will be seen together before this movie in Shyamaprasad's 'Arike' which will be on sets this month. The film is inspired by the Hollywood film, The Proposal.

Enthinennariyilla F                  
Kuttanadan Punchaneele                  
Freedom Ka Remixf                  
Sooryane Kaithodan                  
Enthinennariyilla Duet                  
Enthinennariyilla M                  
Freedom Ka

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Cheetah Malayalam Mp3 Download

Cheetah Malayalam Mp3 Download

Movie : Cheetah 2012 Malayalam Movie Mp3 Songs Download

Cast : Ram Charan Tej, Neha, Prakash Raj
Director: Puri Jagannadh
Music: Mani Sharma

  1. Themma Themma               
  2. Love You Da              
  3. Ambo Ee Pennidivetto        
  4. Ivalkay                     
  5. Maaro Maaro 
  6. Endhino


Joe, an auto driver, sees Mattu Bhai (Asish Vidyarthi) murder a journalist. Joe manages to capture Mattu Bhai & his henchman, Thomas and hold them until the Police arrive. Afterwards, Joe returns home to his wife and son, Charan. Unfortunately, Mattu Bhai & his henchmen break into their house that night. Joe is killed and his wife is severely injured. Charan survives uninjured. Charan's mother is in a critical condition but he & his uncle Billy don't have enough money to pay for her operation. The local mafia leader's son has committed murder and offers Charan a deal. In order to pay for his mother's surgery, Charan has to go to prison the crime.

Twelve years later, Charan (Ram Charan Teja) is released from prison. When he meets his uncle again, he finds out that his mother has died. Charan also falls in love with Sanjana (Neha Sharma). Sanjana lives with her father (Prakash Raj). Officer Ajay (Sayaje Shinde) helps Charan get a passport. Charan plans to go to Bangkok to join a travel agency recommended by his uncle. Sanjana and her friends arrive in Bangkok as tourists. Charan is one of the tour guides. Charan seems to be irritable around Sanjana. Biku & his henchmen are bothering Sanjana. Charan saves Sanjana by attacking Biku and his henchmen. Few days later, Biku & his henchmen see Sanjana again. Charan has to fight Biku & his henchmen again. Charan & Sanjana use a water bike to escape. They get stuck in middle of the sea when their water bike runs out of gas. When Sanjana wakes up, Sanjana sees an island that is little far away. Charan & Sanjana have to swim to the island.

Charan tells Sanjana that he loves her. Sanjana's father & the other people believe that Sanjana's is kidnapped by Charan as they find out Charan was in prison for 12 years. He arranges helicopters to search for Sanjana. Charan sees one helicopter in the sky, but Sanjana doesn't want anyone to find them. Sanjana tells Charan that she loves him too and her father would never let her marry Charan. Charan loves Sanjana, but Charan didn't expect Sanjana to fall in love with him. He reveals that he came to Bangkok to kill Mattu Bhai. Charan found out that Mattu Bhai's a notorious international criminal with network in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and other places has shifted base to Bangkok.

Charan tells Sanjana that Bikku's none other than Mattu Bhai's son. In Bangkok, Charan tried to kill Mattu Bhai at bar, but Mattu Bhai escaped & Mattu Bhai stopped coming to Bangkok. By the time Charan finishes telling his foiled plot to kill Mattu Bhai, a lot of guys in black robes and black suits come and then a fight starts. Just then the Sanjana's father comes in a helicopter. Seeing her dad she runs to him and tells him not to hit Charan as he did not kidnap her but saved her. At first the heroine's father tells to leave him, and the goons leave him, but when the Sanjana tells him that she wants him and loves him, her father tells the goons to kill him. The goons hit the Charan on the head and he falls down and they go away. Then a member of the company for which Charan works searching for him on a boat finds him and takes him back. A hot argument takes place between the Sanjana and her father and she runs away to Charan.
Then Sanjana's father calls the Charan and tells him that his mother is still alive. His uncle lied to Charan that his mother died. Sanjana's father will trade Charan's mother for Sanjana. Charan takes Sanjana to a building where he tells her that he is going to trade her for his mother. He tells her that she has her father, but his mother has no one except him. Sanjana's father comes and takes her and gives Charan his mother back who was grateful to him.
Meanwhile Mattu Bhai sees the pictures of Charan and Sanjana on television, which was the effort of the Sanjana's father to find her, and recognizes Charan as the person who tried to kill him. He tells Biku to kidnap Sanjana and Biku does the same when the exchange of Sanjana and Charan's mother goes. In the process gunfire takes place where all the men of the Sanjana's father get shot. Charan also retaliates with a gun and kills some of Biku's men, but Biku gets away with Sanjana. Sanjana's father gets shot in the leg, and in emotion tells Charan, he saw how much he loves his mother and screams, someone is taking away your wife, go and get her. Leaving Sanjana's father in the care of his mother, Charan runs after Biku's car, but fails to get him. One of Biku's men get to him and give him a phone, where he talks with Mattu Bhai. The goon takes Charan with hands tied to an island where Mattu and Biku are there.
Matuu Bhai without killing him and Sanjana as suggested by his son Biku, lets them away saying he would hunt them. But Charan kills all the men of Mattu and finally kills Mattu's son. And using his body Charan lures Mattu into his trap. Then he kills Mattu Bhai, in the same way he killed his father. This is when Mattu Bhai recognizes who Charan is.

Run Baby Run Malayalam Mp3 Download Songs

Run Baby Run Malayalam Mp3 Download Songs

Run Baby Run (Staring Mohanlal )  has the media as its background. Mohanlal (Venu) could be a status camera operator, and could be a regular on the panels of international giants like Reuters. He comes back to his town in Kochi once 5 years. His ex-fiancée Renuka (Amala Paul), who works for one of the known accepted television station, had cheated on him earlier for a pricey sting story. However, things demand each of them to figure along for a selected project. That story conjointly throws lightweight on the political aspirations of Bharathan Pillai (Sai Kumar) and businessman Rajan Kartha (Siddique).

Lot of plots unfolds and therefore the 2 area unit force into a sting activity to reveal a true time assassination of a political candidate and gets into ton of hassles or trouble. however they manage to clear the confusion, forms the summary of a story.

Director : Joshiy
Producer : Milan Jaleel
Writter : Sachi
Star Cast : Mohanlal, Amala Paul, Biju Menon, Aparna Nair
Music : Ratheesh Vegha
Cinematography : R. D. Rajasekhar
Editor : Shyam Sasidharan
Studio Galaxy Films

Run Baby Run( Theme)                  
Attumanal Payayil - Mohanlal                  
Attumanal Payayil Karaoke                  
Aarohanam Avarohanam - Thulasi Yatheedran                  
Aarohanam Avarohanam - Vijay Yeshudas
Aarohanam Avarohanan Karoke           

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Run buby run all songs 

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Big B Malayalam Mp3 Songs Download

Big B Malayalam Mp3 Songs Download

Big B is a 2007 Malayalam action-thriller film co-written and directed by Amal Neerad, starring Mammootty in the title role. The cinematography was done by Samir Thahir, and the background score was composed by Gopi Sundar, with Alphons Joseph doing the songs. It is a remake of the American film Four Brothers with revised screenplay and outstanding action sequences.

Hip Hop [Shirdhin Thomas & Shelton Pinheiro]
Muthumazha [Vineeth Sreenivasan & Jyotsna]
Oh January [Sayanora]
Oru Vaakkum [Alphons & Mridula]
Vida Parayukayano [Shreya Ghosal]
Theme Song (Bonus Track) [Shyam Sundar]

Thanthonni Malayalam Mp3 Download

Thanthonni Malayalam Mp3 Download

Thanthonni (Malayalam: താന്തോന്നി) is a 2010 Malayalam-language film released on March 19, 2010. The film is directed by George Varghese, a former assistant to Joshy. Thanthonni stars Prithviraj and Sheela in the lead roles.

  1. Aakashamariyathe : Artist: K.J. Yesudas
  2. Kaattu : Artist Prithiviraj
  3. Kaattuparanjathum  : Artist K.P UDHAYABHANU
  4. Periyathevare  : Artist Sayanora, Shankar Mahadevan
  5. Thanthoni : Artist Franco

Manikyakallu Malayalam Mp3 Download

Manikyakallu  Malayalam Mp3 Download

Manikiakkallu (Malayalam: മാണിക്യക്കല്ല്, Māṇikyakkallŭ ?) is a 2011 Malayalam drama film directed by M. Mohanan and starring Prithviraj and Samvrutha Sunil in the lead roles. The film is about a young teacher who arrives at a village school, who tries to make a definite change in student attitude.

Chembarathi  : Artist: Shreya Goshal, Ravi Shankar
Melemanath : Artist: V Devanand
Naadayaal : Artist: Sherdin
Olakkuda : Artist: Madhu Balakrishnan

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Thappana Malayalam mp3 download|Thappaana malayalam movie songs

Thappana Malayalam mp3 Songs download

Thappana movie is Mammootty plays ‘Monayi’. Both the characters played by Mammootty and Charmi are released from jail in the same day and Mammootty befriend Charmi. Although she tries to avoid him at first, later she tells him her story. The movie revolves around the life of the character played by Charmi and how Monayi rescues her from all the troubles with his cunningness.

Manivaaga Pootha                  
Oorum Perum Parayathe                  
Padakkirangiya Thaapaana

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Gajapokkiri Malayalam Mp3 Download|Gajapokkiri Malayalam Mp3 Movie Songs

Gajapokkiri Malayalam Mp3 Movie Songs Download

Gajapokkiri begins with a scene during which Bittu (Sonu Sood) progressing to rob Rs 1500 Crores from a bank. Ravindra Narayan (Allu Arjun) referred to as as Ravi believes in earning fast cash instead of tireless like his father Narayan. He gets in to a dispute along with his father and sets out from his home. On the manner he met Bittu. Later Ravi came to grasp that Bittu goes to rob the bank. Bittu with success robs the bank and gave the money to his brother Laala to cover in an exceedingly town selling yard. however police follow Laala and in an exceedingly fight Laala was killed b Ravi and Bittu was in remission by police for theft. once Bittu cames out of jail, he wish to require revenge on Ravi for killing Laala.

Ravi was send to Hyderabad from his place below witness protection program and makes him to remain with a coward policeman 'Sitaram'(Rajendra prasad). in the future Ravi meets Madhu(Ileana), a socio-economic class lady operating with a agent 'Travel' Murthy, World Health Organization is associate degree associate of Bittu. Ravi and Madhu falls enamored with one another. Bittu takes revenge on Ravi by targeting his family.During now Ravi's father got shot and Bittu snatch Ravi's sister. Ravi finds out wherever the money is and returns to the bank. Later Bittu is confronted by Ravi and Sitaram and a fight arises between Bittu and Ravi. Sitaram shots bittu once Bittu tries to shot Ravi. Ravi finds his sister and returns to his place. The film ends with Sitaram remodeling into a troublesome police and Ravi becomes a tireless man.

Number of tracks available : 6

  1. Ninte Veednu               
  2. Ey Chekanu             
  3. Malo Malo             
  4. Pakado Pakado                   
  5. Oru Nattu Pokkiri           
  6. Osay Osay

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Ithra Mathram Malayalam Mp3 Download | Ithra Mathram Malayalam Songs

Ithra Mathram Malayalam Mp3 Download Songs

Total of four tracks :


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Eecha Malayalam MP3 Download Songs

Eecha Malayalam MP3 Download Songs

Album: Eacha [Year 2012]
Artist: Malayalam Movie Songs
Language: Malayalam Music
Number of Tracks: 5

Rajamouli.S.S is one amongst the foremost intelligent director in Telugu, comes up with another very good film once Magadhera (Dheera), here too he given a lot of import ants to the lighting tricks and therefore the theme.

The film starts with a decent romance, but once hero dies, we would surprise wherever this story goes. but then comes the important super hero Eecha. Eecha is that the regenerate of our earlier hero, and it remembers its previous birth and therefore the dangerous incident happened to him and his lover. Here the Eacha decides to require revenge on the Villian. and the way it issue forms the remainder of the story.

As seen within the last number of dubbed film, Dheera, Arya, Arundhathi, here too the team had taken soundtrack terribly rigorously. coming back to the technical half the story and therefore the playscript does’t have any new story after we here initial, Romance and Revenge. but introducing Eacha because the hero director Rajamouli brings ton of imagination into the story, and adding to it the picture taking, lighting tricks and written material too helped the move success. Film stars Nani and Samatha within the lead, and Sudeep as opposed hero.

No doubt this film is gonna be a blockbuster in Telugu. but i actually doubt the temporal arrangement of the movie’s unleash in Kerala. as a result of 2 recent South Dravidian releases Thattathin Marayathu and Ustad building square measure ruling the theaters.

Ada Ada                  
Konjam Konjam                  
Laava Laava                  
Eacha Eacha                  
Eacha Eacha (Remix)

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Sharebeast | Hulkshare | Zippyshare

Uncle Malayalam video songs HD

Uncle Malayalam video songs HD Uncle is a 2018 Malayalam drama thriller, which has been directed by Girish Damodar. The movie stars Mam...